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released June 22, 2010

written, recorded, and produced by Deathbear. Independently produced and recorded in San Luis Obispo and Santa Maria, Ca in our living rooms.
Aaron Swink-Guitars, Vocals, Synthesizers
Shea Kelly-Bass, Vocals, Guitars
Chris Mariscal- Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Organ
additional backup vocals by Brad and Kari



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DEATHBEAR San Luis Obispo, California

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Track Name: flophouse
looks like we've got ourselves a new look like you could use a drink. sit down on the couch and play that old out of tune guitar. tommorow you'll be passed out on the floor. looks like were gonna need another bottle. just a few bucks and everybodys pitching in. you can crash here if you'd like just know we're staying up all night. tommorow you can go back to your life. woke up beaten battered and bruised. if you pass out dont forget your shoes. we've made a game of killing eachother so try not to wake up on fire. try not to wake up on fire. looks like were gonna need another place to stay. theres an eviction notice on the door. wasted our days with whiskey and tetris we forgot to pay the rent. could someone tell me where my money went. looks like we've got ourselves a new flophouse. you look like you could use a drink.
Track Name: the kitchen table
you dont have to bring your whole goddamn life to the fucking kitchen table every night. no need to have your whole stupid story written on your sleave like it was so important. does it help to carry all that wieght around. dont you know it's only gonna bring you down. you just keep telling me that i know. welcome to the late night crying show. are you gonna spend the rest of your life screaming bleeding crying under street lights